Monday, October 25, 2010

MSblast manually remove a small mind

At noon, I was surfing the Internet, all of a sudden the computer pop-up message: The computer will shut down after 60 seconds, please save your work better: Then there is a countdown. My first reaction was I was black, they must use the shutdown-a command canceled shutdown.

The next group of users immediately see my account there unknown, but the results disappointing, the account does not change, someone cracked my account? Hurry to get rid of the administrator's password, it should be no problem, then went to find access log to see who invaded Unfortunately, no records, good smart guy Yes, even the logs are deleted, and are checking the network connection port, shut down that damn window appeared, no one can connect to my machine, that is, not someone in a remote shutdown, and should be in a Trojan!

Long time no poisoning, and I have forgotten what to do when, because I will regularly update the virus database has been down security without incident, but this week seemed not to upgrade, which have got a (sweat), quickly open the antivirus software, automatic update process, even not open, it appears that the functions of the virus to disable anti-virus software, how to do that, Internet themselves with virus library bar, click MyIE2, no response, this program also disabled ! Open IE, which downward, but I type web site, home page is on the inside, no response can I click on the link, copy shortcut, paste in the IE bar press, no response, even copy paste all the ban. System Restore it, which did not know the movement! This virus is too ruthless, and I have to from time to time with the shutdown-a shutdown command canceled, alas, seems to be to turn off the virus had got to run, can not access help, the only self-reliance, and still do it myself, think of the recent virus, mimail should not be this situation, there is the RPC buffer overflow, and that it should be it, I remember it as if the use of port holes 135 and 445 to be implanted into executable code, the plane should be a virus file, so that I came slowly to find it.

Run msconfig, start a column view with or without a strange start the project, found a msblast.exe startup item is not original, must have problem to remove it from the start.

Press ctrl + alt + del in the process find msblast.exe, stop the process.

A systematic search in the windows folder to find msblast.exe, Unexpectedly, click on the search responses are not actually little, cursed soon as the virus can only find a hand. Should be in the system32 directory in accordance with established practice, the better this is good, more honest, it was renamed (I'm not sure is not it, can not easily delete it).

Run regedit. F3 Search msblast, found in the windows auto update of the sub-key under the "command - msblast.exe" will delete the entire windows auto update, continue to F3, look under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun generally have msblast the key, but In MSconfig is disabled, there is no, since the start of the program will be recorded here.

Restart click, IE can access the, MYIE2 also used. The search for better social welfare system. Are cheering the internet to download the virus database, "60 seconds, the computer will be shut down" dialog come out, and it was infected, and had to come back. I # 楼% ... ... 鈥?br />
Appears to be temporary solution ah, the system was still loopholes. One will quickly redo, with the fastest speed to upgrade the system was patched, and then to set up a firewall, custom rules, the access the TCP port 81 to 65535 all sealed. UDP also from 1 to 1025 to kill, I would like to use QQ, not all ban ah ^ _ ^

Reboot again, and finally safe, the report looked at the firewall 135 is blocked from time to time have links, it seems the Internet has the virus spread on campus, and terrorist ah ... ...

This is what this virus's after, not only is this virus effectively, for hacking and Trojans, and other viruses oh ^ _-

In this proposal to you:

We still pay more attention to what Microsoft's security bulletin it, this vulnerability is out for a long time, I as a working relationship, it is read several times, but did not mind, I think everyone is almost right, or may be added in due course dong ah!

Firewall installed it, so can a lot less trouble, although looking a little thing Zhan Zhao was uncomfortable in my system tray, but to see it blocked by the long list of things, when to spend "money" block it ^ _ ^ Disaster


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Monday, October 18, 2010

Do not talk to me literature

Y said, I do not adhere to the marathon, I gave up, but not shameful. This is much better than a dishonest person. "Yes, do not talk to me of literature!"

At first, I came to Beijing, is to be the same with the Y's youth celebrities. Y writing fiction, is writer, and I write poetry, it should be poet.

Y know, when I was a freshman in an economy in Hangzhou colleges lingered, depression can not find my poetry with comrades. By chance, fellow party in Inner Mongolia, I heard people talk about Y, Zhejiang's famous wit, surprise, our people in Inner Mongolia. Y talented, high school out of a novel, the University is send to. The next day, I carried my own poetry book, go to Zhejiang University to find a Y. Y's head and actually shorter than I, but he is older and encouraged me to say: "Literature is a marathon, to the end of the talent may be really successful." I nodded, with an unwavering remember the remark, and thus as its motto.

Graduated from college, my poetry books increased by three. Holding them, I came to Beijing to look for Y, then he is already a Beijing newspaper's chief editorial writer of the. Y first affirmed the results of my efforts, while very worried and said: "First of all to make a living, followed by the living, they need to make a living!" I looked at him very puzzled, asked: "I write poetry with contradictions?" He did not answer, just smiled, rather, "you try to know" means.

Of course, poets have to make a living, ah, I'm famous, I have to settle down. I studied economics, you can go to financial newspaper and magazine journalist, but do not let my work, interests and split it?鎴戞壄澶寸洿濂斿悇澶ф枃瀛︽潅蹇楋紝浣嗗洜涓烘垜鐨勪笓涓氫笉瀵瑰彛锛屾垨鑰呭共鑴嗚绉颁綔骞肩鐨勬枃瀛﹂潚骞磋?涓嶅叿澶囧氨涓氳祫鏍硷紝濂旀尝浜嗗嚑涓湀锛屾垜澶囧彈閭d簺鍘熸潵鎴戞墍鏅话鐨勫悕浜轰綔瀹堕瀵间滑鐨勬墦鍑汇?鑻﹂椃鐫?紝鎬?枒鐫?紝鎶婃墦鍑诲悶鍒拌倸瀛愰噷鍘汇?鍦╕鐨勫府鍔╀笅鎴戠粓浜庢垚浜嗘煇璇楁瓕鏉傚織鐨勪竴灏忓皬鏍″鍛樸?铏界劧鏈堣柂鏋佷綆锛屼絾鎴戝挰绱х墮鍏筹紝鍛婅瘔鑷繁锛氭垜涓?畾瑕佸湪杩欎釜鍦堝瓙閲岀珯璧锋潵锛佷絾鏄紝鍗婂勾杩囧幓鍚庯紝闄や簡鐦︿簡鍑犲湀锛屾垜骞朵笉瑙夊緱鑷繁鐜板湪鐨勮亴涓氭湁浠?箞鍓嶉?銆傝糠鑼殑鎴戝紑濮嬬悽纾ㄨ嚜宸辫涓嶈缁х画鎵紨杩欎釜鏍″鍛樼殑瑙掕壊銆傛?鐤戣鎴戠殑蹇冩儏瓒婃潵瓒婃矇閲嶏紝鎴戞墍灞呬綇鐨勫湴涓嬪鐨勭伅鍏変篃瓒婃潵瓒婃槒鏆楋紝鏅氫笂鎵х瑪鐨勬墜涔熻窡鐫?ⅳ鎶栵紝鏃犳硶鍐欏嚭鍑犺璇楁潵銆備竴绉嶆棤娉曞舰瀹圭殑鍊︽?娣卞叆楠ㄩ珦锛屼技涔庤鎴戞彁鍓嶈繘鍏ヤ簡鑰佸勾銆傝繖绉嶇姸鎬佹寔缁簡涓?鏃堕棿鍚庯紝鎴戠粓浜庝笉寰椾笉鎵胯锛氳繖鏍风殑濂嬫枟瀵规垜鍋ュ悍鍦扮敓娲绘病鏈変换浣曟剰涔夛紒

聽聽聽 寰堝揩锛屾垜杈炶亴浜嗭紝鎴戣濂斿悜鏂扮殑宸ヤ綔銆佹柊鐨勭敓娲汇?鍚屾椂锛屾垜瀹夋叞鑷繁锛氫竴杈硅皨鐢燂紝涓?竟鍒涗綔锛屼竴鏍疯兘鎴愪负璇椾汉銆備笉鎰挎剰绾补鍋氳窡鏂囧瓧娌℃湁鍏崇郴鐨勬椿鍎匡紝鎴戣繕鏄湪濯掍綋閲屾贩浜嗕竴甯箣鍦帮紝骞跺嚟鐫?垜鐨勫皬鑱槑鍔犲嫟濂嬩笉鏂烦妲斤紝姣忚烦涓?锛屾垜鐨勮亴浣嶅氨涓婂崌涓?牸銆備粠瀹炰範璁拌?鍒颁富绗旂敋鑷虫槸涓讳换缂栬緫鐨勬椂闂村苟涓嶆极闀匡紝鎴戠粨浜嗗锛屾寜鎻拱浜嗘埧锛屼竴鍒囬兘濡傞椹扮數鎺o紝杩炶涔呮湭鑱旂郴鐨刌鐪嬪埌鎴戦兘鎸戣捣澶ф媷鎸囪禐锛氣?浣犳?涔堣繖涔堣兘骞插晩锛佲?

聽聽聽 鍦ㄦ垜鏄ラ寰楁剰鏃讹紝灏卞褰撳勾鎴戞潵鍖椾含鍏堟潵鎵綴涓?牱锛屾垜姣嶆牎鐨勪竴涓皬濂冲鏉ュ寳浜壘鎴戯紝骞跺悜鎴戣〃杈句簡瑕佹垚涓轰綔瀹剁殑鎰挎湜銆傛垜鐩潃濂圭溂鐫涢噷鐨勫潥瀹氬厜浜氨鍍忕湅鍒癗骞村墠鎴戣嚜宸辩殑鐩厜锛屽嵆鍒伙紝鎴戞祽韬笂涓嬪緢涓嶈垝鏈嶏紝蹇冭烦涔熷姞蹇簡锛屼竴绉嶅己鐑堢殑缇炴劎渚佃浜嗗叏韬?鎴戝棲鍤呯潃锛岃涓嶅嚭璇濇潵銆備竴闃电煭鏆傜殑澶ц剳绌虹櫧鍚庯紝鎴戜綔浜嗕竴涓繛鑷繁閮芥剰鏂欎笉鍒扮殑涓惧姩銆傛垜鏉胯捣闈㈠瓟锛屾鑹查亾锛氣?涓嶈璺熸垜璋堟枃瀛︼紒濡傛灉浣犳兂鍦ㄥ寳浜殑濯掍綋鎵惧伐浣滐紝鎴栬鎴戣繕鑳借鐐逛粈涔堛?鈥濆コ瀛╁緢涓嶈В寰堜笉鎮﹀湴璧颁簡銆傝?鎴戣嚜宸憋紝鏇翠负涓嶆偊銆傚綋鎴戣鍑鸿繖鍙ヨ瘽鏃讹紝鎴戞墠鏄庣櫧鎴戞棭灏辨斁寮冭瘲姝屼簡锛屾垨鑰呰锛屾垜鏃╁氨鑳屽純浜嗚嚜宸辩殑濂嬫枟鐩爣寰堝骞翠簡銆傝櫧鐒讹紝鎴戝伓灏旇繕浼氬湪涓寸潯鍓嶅畨鎱拌嚜宸憋細绛夎嚜宸辨專澶熶簡閽憋紝灏变笓闂ㄥ啓璇椼?浣嗘槸锛岃繖鏄剧劧鏄嚜娆烘浜恒?閽辫秺鎸h秺澶氾紝璇楄秺鍐欒秺灏戙?瓒婂啓瓒婂樊銆佽秺鍐欒秺娌℃湁鏃堕棿涓庣簿鍔涘啓鐨勪汉鏄蛋鍦ㄦ垚涓鸿瘲浜虹殑璺笂鍚楋紵

聽聽聽 褰撴椂锛屾垜鐥涜嫤浜嗕竴闃靛悗锛屼綔浜嗕釜鍐冲畾锛氬交搴曟斁寮冭瘲姝屻?鏃㈢劧浜嬪疄涓婂畠宸茬粡绂绘垜杩滃幓锛屼綍涓嶅疄浜嬫眰鏄湴闈㈠鑷繁銆傛垜娌℃湁鍧氭寔Y鎵?鐨勯┈鎷夋澗锛屾垜鏀惧純浜嗭紝浣嗗苟涓嶅彲鑰汇?杩欐瘮涓嶈瘹瀹炵殑浜鸿濂藉緱澶氥?鈥滄槸鐨勶紝涓嶈璺熸垜璋堟枃瀛︼紒鈥?br />
聽聽聽 璋佽浜虹敓鐨勮矾鍙湁鏂囧涓?潯鍛紵鈥滆韩浣撳仴搴蜂笌鐏甸瓊骞抽潤涔冩槸骞哥鐢熸椿鐨勭洰鐨勨?锛屽笇鑵婂厛鍝茬殑姝よ瘽鐜板湪鏄垜鐨勫骇鍙抽摥銆傚浠婏紝鎴戜笉鍐嶅啓璇楋紝鍐呭績鍗存湁涓?姣斿啓璇楁椂鏇村畞闈欐洿鎸佷箙鐨勬縺鎯呫?鎴戠殑鐢熸椿骞舵湭鍥犳枃瀛︾殑缁撴潫鑰屾浜★紝鎭版伆鐩稿弽锛岀敱浜庢斁寮冿紝鎴戞敹鑾蜂簡鐢熸椿閲屾洿澶氱殑鐢熸満锛?br />


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Friday, October 8, 2010

"Nobunaga's Ambition 12 innovations," Ida 55 Owari family reunification tragic history

Own facts, life facts, no killed, high-hee, is not SL

With a good Board, under no one can save the most on the Council, and resigned out of 20 marks the beginning of fame

Start looked at fitness and only the internal affairs of the cavalry to the B level, fortification can to A

First Bie Bie began to pass horses internal system (B grade final technology), and Bie Bie cavalry to the gun immediately and continue Bie fortification, Bie half (probably iron gates bar), has enough strength to open out to destroy the horses , home security is also no one to fight the case, then more cavalry opened 3w eat the horses, then that is the building of a town to the second city of Bie, Fort unable to keep four days, not adaptive, then dismantled light fortification study Social 鎲?cavalry

See Satake Takeda Ota has been eaten, there is still a port more than 2000 soldiers, flew out of the mountains and from rock to send troops to fight in Hong Kong by Shiogama Kashima port, did not think faster than I Takeda cavalry, first laid the Kashima port, I also hold a glimmer of hope, Takeda Nobushige naval annihilated a force against force, the result was not work, they gradually come to the reinforcements let me despair, and still get away, Takeda a longbow, then transplants were being arrested Ita cut off (I convex), suddenly desperate ...

Afterwards, fought off several attacks at home long tail, wait is finally Hojo Imagawa Takeda with the Union over the period, flew all the political people who all sent 70 alliance with Takeda, is no way the whole thing out, transplants were being cut, and home are idiots, and eventually the alliance was successful, poor me a daughter ... to the prosperity of capitalists give up its own well-being ....

Takeda that two eggs, about what technology will not change his line, the results still have their own research

Tailed him to help me on it, also promised his sister have never once

Seems to me the only advantage is his alliance, he decided not to hit me ... What a pity, do not know what my alliance ...

Take a look around, in addition to the high water Gaussian Temple, where no other can play, and hit a high water temple definitely has a long tail of the hornet's nest bucket, I rock a little less strength in coming out, then flew over the tens of thousands of troops to open ..

No idea, Huang pays off, I changed fields are all pulled down the market, the agreement of the public about Akita businessman, wanted to Bie southern barbarian, and almost 10 years later, I could neither lazy to learn a southern barbarian Technology to ...

What results found Takeda in Japan's Jun Tainan Imagawa, Hojo pulled reinforcements in the past, big chance, all the political to the agreement of all 70 people Kanto public, cost me tens of thousands of silver dollars, so poor I have only a few hundred dollars the case of agreement the Chinese public Kanto, convex, real Biequ, Takeda that two eggs, Utsunomiya, should be tail beat down, I Ohta, where the past can only be had, people have gone through the public site Kanto .. ..

The results of small high-City are open to all 5w cavalry out, with only one goal Odawara ~, while I commanded the people, whether or intellectual than a large portion of the North article rotten, but I soldier more than a lot of dead time, and finally won the Odawara, to win the fields in Hong Kong, and received H艒j艒 Kang, Hojo Tsunanari, there is no future to speak of the Ida finally see a little ray of Hojo's health was so precious, and Xiangyebuxiang, flew to the North section's Sport Awards had a wife

Then, a few cavalry A political idiots continue Bie good horse production, Hojo's health with the North section outline into a person, one team, helped clear the south with the long tail, very unfortunately, Takeda's League of going to, and the guy refused to continue Union, I have the tail Kagetora, Hojo's health, the key link into the North section, the most on the meaning of light, but not as good as Takeda in addition to command tail Kagetora naked outside (wear official posts than I long tail Kagetora b ox, and I the most senior Only official position +4), who else than me powerful, but also a focus on one lot, and I was just a few people, and my technology rotten mess (I convex, I wiped away in the southern tail, and that Several political idiot not to A-class cavalry are Bie full), how to do?

No recourse but to re-alliance, and this time another daughter .... off to see "capitalists of the pupil and Takeda Takeda Nobushige family marry a time", I have great rage of the ...

Finished on concentrate all Odawara, Bie about the internal affairs of the way, eaten Imagawa, only charge a per letter Matsudaira, with the Imagawa Yoshimoto Yuanshi real father and son, something else the early Taiyuan Sessai be dead

Oda's not too late, Takeda hundreds of thousands killed in the past, none so I touched the wall, Oda're finished, okay, Shibata Singer monkey brothers have escaped, and I waited eagerly for more than a year, God I really do not want to absolutely, monkey brothers blown my site, GJ, first Biechu drugs, referring to things with Takeda for the flag, and then separation of soldiers temporarily agricultural research, and then built a 36 building of a town school community, Biechu fort, with Takeda for making cars, hoho, you are smart, I am not stupid to say ..., and then taking advantage of the study with the building of a town full of internal affairs, to be decision time, I have a monkey, turtle, Tsugaru 3 Teppo for the letter B , and tours of the 3 books, get a 3A certified does not turn Teppo? Union of time is not long, full of light with Teppo only as a result, I abandoned the lack of sustained operational capability formolongi with the cavalry, began to study a sufficient light, enough light Biechu military drum 3 spear gun culture gun Cross, and leagues of the full, regardless, throw some garbage on the open p of straw sandals, and the poor get a southern barbarian I forget , even the seedlings are not knives ...

This Takeda cavalry like me is the internal affairs of fortification are full, he left no specificity, and to see what is what Society for the Study (in fact definitely want to research weapons, no special technology, name, priority research fortification , followed by weapons, special technology, special technology priority, fortification weapons into a 23, unfortunately it will not he Society for weapons), I more than he had the advantage of full light, but he Nanban full, I as a whole it had a letterpress printing, talent certainly Needless to say, I'm in the wind under the absolute

After easily winning Iwatsuki, Takeda in my line of attack the North, and I can only leave a few conscription, the full focus Ishikawa City, ready to counterattack

Finally, I Xiandiu the soil Kawasaki Hong Kong, but I won the cypress hill, followed by recovery of the soil Miyazaki Hong Kong, when I am ready to continue to attack the hill, he put Adonis had pulled Yamagata, I 103 wisdom of the best on the meaning of light to see him 110 the real field and his son, the multi-faith and others, when the tears should flow out, I told him Yamagata consumption of more than 100,000 soldiers to fight more than two years, still could not eat Yamagata, but continued in the West line of Takeda triumph, both immediate concern Kyushu, and also collected Takenaka Shigeharu Kuroda Yoshitaka enhancing strength, and my high days around the government's massive line of Horse, from the port of breakthrough after another won me the fields in Hong Kong, Odawara pay with rock, won Odawara when I was a blood spray out of the city on the giant giant city it is more than two city defense 12 defense, and I am vomiting blood is my 40 Lilium Society to give him once torn down, damn Takeda, You are Oda Nobunaga Akechi Mitsuhide Pusheng Shi Nan Guang Fang Tianhai township, except a few with me Shimadzu not the son of yuan services, Teppo's Adonis are you there, of a learning society formolongi death?

So I reluctantly, wondering if it finished yet? Ita-hui were to leave a mess to the Date Masamune it?

Yamagata City in the final assault, and my dawn, and day to kill the turtle finally learned to treat ... I received a few more than 90 Chilean poor guy, the most light on the meaning of assault along with JJ hybrid cars hanging pioneer intellectual experience that is not at all can not get, do not know turtle hair out, followed by Imagawa mixing bow and arrow, I really vomit blood, and I only own home or training to follow the trend of Hojo's Sport Magic Kotaro discussed in conjunction with disabilities, full 1000 experience

Takeda made a decision before his demise, he will be my Iwaki (such as small town there) built a Ping Cheng, pulling more than 30 w soldiers in, and then focus on a large number of Adonis, seems to me more than 10 soldiers w small high city in danger, but he was too careless, and Ping Cheng of the spectrum on behalf of the surprise appointment of Takenaka Shigeharu, this I will not speak, he supported the city more, big deal and back to a branch of the city of spectrum generation was OK, I lay Takahashi Shao-Win spectrum on behalf of the city, he changed to another branch spectrum on behalf of the city, Takahashi Shao Yun I away from me, I do not matter much to him, but he should put Takenaka Shigeharu called the Ota City ....

Takeda, you're dead ...

This will not look at me do not know Yamagata Jiugong on high, and to pay all lost rock Odawara, God have mercy on me, and seasonal time, end time, Takeda package fence, my house a monk, in his rush and the attack on the city of my little high, I even do not need defense, a direct monk truce

Then I edge of the corner in Pingcheng repair a samurai town, all built longiflorum scull ...

Truce over, tail Kagetora team H艒j艒 Kang team, Hojo Gang into force, the turtle team four teams troops killed to at least 50w troops Pingcheng, Nagao Kagetora Hojo's Health Hojo Gang Chengdu is the gun truck gun assault gun quilt, tortoise is treating encouraged by the gun quilt, some bloody battle, I finally won the Ping Cheng, in which Hojo's health, the key link into the North section, the tortoise once destroy both teams, but all have horses, gone back home to pull his brother battle, in fact, if the bow then, chances are would not have destroyed teams, and unfortunately I have not time to study the bow and arrow, full light, then by his bow and arrow Teppo tactics played Aoao pain, but also often attack injured, but I also found an interesting phenomenon, treatment tactics even generals can be cured of the attacks injured ... 鍥?... but if the tortoise is completely finished on spy hurt, he hurt, his troops can not fight inflation, and also rule ass the ...

Dig up the bamboo in the weight rule, and then attack Ota City time, also captured Kuroda Yoshitaka, I'm there H艒j艒 Kang ah, Kuroda Yoshitaka a month, 99 loyalty when the will was Hojo's Condon-yung, and this will be thoroughly invincible

Start the Jedi fight back, because the labor staff were Takeda to take away, Ushu Tandai were Ah took, my hands on a start to the Austrian state exploration problem, boss Terumune their backs, Sagami guard H艒j艒 Kang, Chun River Nagao Kagetora guard, then no, they both are my one, I feel uncomfortable banner banner, and a look, my daughters have had several 30 + of the 40-year-old would become a monk , they must make do married a few, selected a number of longer life hero, the most light on the meaning of Tsugaru for the letter (both in fact not long), Katakura King Kang and barrel mouth and continued, in fact, the turtle to Sena did not die, I will certainly marry him, after all, with Hojo's health, the key link into the North section, Nagao Kagetora together, the four old I was ... married 30-year-old Lao Gupo finished, keep the two less than 20-year-old small LORI put home watching this Board with the historical facts I have included a total of 11 Ji Ji, Gorohachi not yet born (nonsense, his father, Date Masamune not per serving)

Takeda then played a few games with the big battle, I hit a 140w 190w, Takeda became a hit from the 170w 70w, because I was depressed tactics formolongi bow is so intense, Takeda will bow Teppo I refuse tactics cut down, cattle or keep "future" income (the strange thing is, the more faith I have also been included in the ranks of the garbage, because his command No, I will never spectrum on behalf of him, okay Southern Light Fangtian Hai has been in West Line, if I caught the words are ....)

Takeda strength has been greatly damaged, was once the city he played only three Shimadzu Jedi fight back, of course, is not by me, without my fighting in the east, is holding strong man were I, Shimadzu finished early

Hit 1580 now has been a foregone conclusion

I Nagao Kagetora 145 123 weapons system

120 turtle's health system

Hojo Tsunanari system Takenaka Shigeharu 114

Intelligence intelligence Takenaka Shigeharu 115

Kuroda Yoshitaka Yoshimitsu top 113 Chi

Turtle 111 Chi

Hojo's health, monkeys, Tsugaru for the letter, Katakura King Kang et 100 + intelligence

Takeda side of the poor dead

130 of his own system (to fight for decades no command even a little up, really poor)

Satake re-114 system

Kikkawa Motoharu 113 system

Really Tian Changxing, Takahashi Shao Yun, Kato honest, Saito Yoshitatsu several 100 + reunification

Sanada intellectual father and son only just 110 South Light Fang Tianhai intelligence (all have horses grasp, really Tian Changxing often cheat, I 4, 110 + intelligence team to move him up, nothing to eat, he set fire to my 4 units put a cow is a quasi-total, but also full chaos, no one team can be spared, and my side of the point of setting fire to his mentally handicapped persons to discuss with the total cattle, he has not been affected over time, immediately put encouraged This is not what is cheating ... I do not bully If SL SL is ... What if I let you know what cheating ...)

Then a 100 + intelligence not, the rest are more than 90 intelligence, and I easily eat 110 + intelligence they

Medical books, in addition to five of those in this letter clear my body in Takeda, else all in me

One of the long tail Kagetora, where three of the Hojo's health, where seven of the bamboo in the re-treatment, where nine of the I did not tour out, had wanted to keep to the gross profit dollars on, and looked about a military officer ranks, has been be dead ...

In addition to sweep or mop the rest of the

In summary, because they do not SL, so I Ida Takeda transplants were cut off, I lost early on the only operational capability, and then twice to the Takeda weakness, married Ji seek to develop the time that the tortoise will learn to treatment, the war situation slightly clear a bit, so I lay Pingcheng, dug Takenaka Shigeharu, the balance has begun to tilt, and then won Ota, Dengyong Kuroda Yoshitaka, completely invincible

SL is not very interesting, namely, the majority of strategic tactics to be blocked, normal attack tactics are often blocked, this time will not help to read the general auto archive, this is checked her, it should pose clear with Ogasawara Sadayoshi often lie in ambush generals hurt me, it hurt me most of all spy chief commander, I can not fight the forces up, the more I capture river town, seize the two super-criminals, finally had their Execution on the Spot They are two offenses under dry than Oda Nobunaga, but really Tian Changxing have much more serious, in fact, most could not help me one SL is that I separated he sent more than 20 soldiers agricultural Tianwan time that day to kill Takeda , and also within the alliance on, open a lot of troops come to my site above the flat water Sagami Army public, the war spread to the internal affairs of my school community ... that would be I have decided to exterminate the future, Takeda home catch Takeda Takeda Nobushige clear letter with the time when these two guys definitely do not give her face, will cut the deal is off ..... The other is that the initial transplants were cut of, and that would I want to re-open a Bureau, and see already had four Kyi, how reluctant the results continued to beat down on

Strength of the last made a few maps, Shimadzu on-free, and Teppo full, and other technologies that refuse to pieces, men are not only 10w, Takeda is not with me as long as the struggle a little bit some of his slugger in the past the West line, he certainly do not know how dead dead ....

Last spring Nobutsuna is really baby, I've been too lazy to dig up things that dry food is not the sword high, and that he would not bow Teppo tactics, not in my list of executions, the often I destroyed his spectrum on behalf of the base, then they have to reward Po Takeda, Takeda reputation high, rewards are just bought a treasure, and now this guy who has three waste (without the adaptive capacity of those) a treasure of (because I destroyed three times by spectrum on behalf of the base), but it was strange that even before Takeda +5 Takeo reward him a knife ... really speechless ...

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Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image


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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sonic Foundry Vegas 4.0 Dynamic subtitles novice Collection 16

This example was originally a teaching Aoobe Premiere example of the basic skills are added to improve the common integrated works. VEGAS we can use very easy to make this effect.

Instance of the original Aoobe Premiere bottom of the video material is not, subtitles below a layer of natural water used corrugated material. In this example, I slightly modified, with the bottom of the instance of material. Corrugated material is not used water directly using the VEGAS media generator to generate a dynamic water ripple effect through the end of a subtitle. Effects of the instances are divided into two subtitles, subtitles do a corrugated bottom with water, the other section of the end to do with the video material itself. Good results, titles, show the glass effect.

Analysis of known instances, the use of the key points are: color gradient, subtitles rotation, dynamic backgrounds generated video, "a magnifying glass."


Add 6 in VEGAS video track, put the original material to six video track. Of course, we do not start editing the time to know how much will be used in the video track, then put the original material into the bottom of the video track. Need to use other video track on the shortcut keys CTRL + SHIFT + Q to add a layer of the video track. If you want to add a layer of the video track above the video track, right click the video track, then right to open the menu, select "Insert Video Track", the new video track to just add on top of the track in this video.

Color gradient

Generate color gradient background in many occasions both as a title background and the integration of the main screen can be natural. So master the use of color gradient generation is very important. Ok in Kara previously done a caption subtitles in a simple example is the use of the prompt color gradient generation. This is only a small color gradient used in the test chopper. Many also use the actual color gradient mask, and the background, here I will introduce the color gradient on the performance of video material the effect of the screen.

Builder in the media drag a transparent color transition gradient (Linear Black to Transparent) to five video tracks, make right in the track located above the video material.

Then open the Linear Black to Transparent property setting dialog box will appear on the map interface. We see the largest region Figure 3 control points, respectively mark for the 1,2 and the center of a cross-shaped control points. Mouse can drag the control point 1 up and down and move around. Drag the control point No. 1 to the upper left corner, the whole point of the linear gradient was inclined transition. Click on the 2nd control point, select the area to the right, select the blue color and then adjust the transparency of semi-transparent.

To get accurate results, you can also enter the color bar below the numerical values: 0,0,255, ALPHA value of 160. Then drag the control point cross-type center position slightly in the lower right. Then the original material of this semi-transparent gradient overlay colors, soften the lower right corner has a blue background. As illustrated

Video "magnifying glass"

Subtitling mask, the whole hollow in through the original screen subtitles. If not addressed, subtitles indistinguishable between itself and open to the original screen. Usually then two ways to achieve both increased subtitle font and background images of the contrast, but also makes the transparent effect is maintained.

The first method is to change the font color and brightness through the screen contrast. Can be added to increase or decrease the brightness and color of the plug, adjust the screen to highlight the contrast between the sub-rail purposes.

The second method is to change the font size through the screen. This change takes a little skill, both to maintain transparency and consistency of plans, but also a contrast shown. Then I thought of lens theory, how do we distinguish or in front of the Virtual image through a lens do? Of course, because the image through a lens shape changes occurred, or changes in size. Can be the first track (female track) of the TRACK MOTION or material on the first track PAN property regulation to achieve this objective. This example used to make TRACK MOTION. Open the home track TRACK MOTION property regulation, regulation in the video frame boundary an arbitrary vertex pull with the mouse, making the entire home track frame slightly reduced. Then look at the preview screen you can see the fonts and background images of the hollow frame through a slightly different, but also continuity. Highlight the fonts borders, and background images to retain the screen font consistency, to achieve goals.


Subtitles rotation

Transparent subtitles in the bottom of a solid rotation of four words, when the two sports as a set of rotation. Therefore, this effect is divided into two titles do.

4,5-rail track in the video section to add a default caption text of all (Default Text). Text as the fourth track "MORE FUN", the fifth track written for the "MORE TRY". Font size 24, using the default white color, fonts, colors do not use the edge, add a black shadow on the font.

Article in the subtitle layout panel (PLACEMENT) to rotate the text to move to the bottom left of the text transparent. As Fig. Directly with the mouse to drag the can. Observation of the preview window to determine the appropriate location. The same method on another set subtitle MORE FUN. The right location at the same Y coordinates MORE TRY.


Described on the title below to rotate. Open the fifth track EVENT PAN / CROP Properties Settings dialog box. Can see that the subtitles will not rotate in the center of the screen, if the usual method of direct rotation, the subtitles will center around a planetary motion pictures, the effect is clearly not what we need. How the center of the screen in subtitles for non-rotational set it? This requires changing the center of rotation. Previously talked about EVENT PAN / CROP Properties Settings dialog box screen center dots, the dot is the center of the screen rotation. Mouse to point to the dot, with the arrow icon into the cross-shaped, as shown below. Drag this dot to the MORE TYR center of the word, about the letter E in the vicinity.

Done this step, then the timeline below 4,5 seconds in the middle double-click, add a key frame. As shown below. At this point the mouse point to a corner of the screen, the mouse pointer becomes a circle with arrows, Fig. At this point the mouse counterclockwise around the rotation center of a circle-like drag. Drag the center of rotation occurs when a clock drawing, in which short-rotation pin point how much that has been transferred, long needle, said rotation angle. Counterclockwise rotation as illustrated by Figure 6 laps. After rotating the position requirements and the same starting position, the rotation should be a multiple of 360. Usually can not accurately grasp the angle towards the mouse. Then the angle can take values in the left column enter the point of numerical methods to obtain accurate values. My approach is usually the mouse to rotate the number of laps you can see the effect, the final value is usually more or less 4 degrees. Value column in the point of the mantissa can be removed. This method is very intuitive and simple.

Why must we do if the anti-clockwise? In fact, this is only effective for purposes of this subtitle. As a reader using the rotation characteristics, the fully clockwise, or clockwise rotation of the first few laps, then counterclockwise a few times, or turn rows. Flexibility according to the actual situation.

Similarly on the track 4 subtitles are set, the only difference is the location of key frames in 5 seconds later. Center of rotation is also the center of the track 4 title, is located in the lower right of the screen.

Speed rotation techniques

This rotation is uniform title made rotation, rotation speed if you want to create the subtitles. Such as rotation speed from fast to slow or from slow to fast. Key frame and the final results between the start key frame and add a key frame, key frame control center rotation speed rotation can be effective.

Finally the need to control subtitle display time, the effect of using the fade in effects production. To 4,5 to add two video tracks subtitles fade in effect. Fade in line with the mouse you can pull. The fourth rail for display in the back, fade in line more extended than the fifth track to the rear.

So far this dynamic subtitles completed.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

EDI array of 42 disks to restore all 3 groups Raid5 Raiders

EDI6600FF series is a high-performance Fibre Channel storage products, EDI6600FF of a disk subsystem can support 14 disks, when you need more storage capacity, can connect up to 8 sub-systems to achieve the total capacity of 112 drives.

This case is an expansion of the main cabinet and the cabinet composed of the three Group 4 raid5

Fault Description:

As the Raid card hardware failure, resulting in 4 groups Raid5 in the 3 groups on the system is not aware of. Array data is very important, even if replacement Raid card, reconfigure raid information, we can not guarantee data security. After further consideration, the customer decided to find a relatively safe way to back up data and then decide to replace hardware.


The face in front of 42 from the array of pull down the size of the optical interface 146GB hard drive, technical engineer without extensive experience and deep knowledge of data recovery, one can not calm themselves, and second, convince customers. Escort age boys calmly took the project.

The first step to determine the hard disk block number from 1-42, the first group, second, third fault Raid5 composed by 14 disk. Each raid of 14 tray is not a node 14 disk, but a few nodes in the set are, fortunately hardware engineers in the configuration when the raid made a detailed record, saving the session from 42 of which is a group of 14 disk raid5 time, raid5 disk group to confirm successful completion.

The second step, a step toward analyzing the underlying data raid data recovery is the most critical step, in fact, as long as the analysis of data from a raid5 combination rules out the other two groups also logical. With experience in the future, raid5 is the most common and relatively easy to analyze, unlike HP RAID ADG, Raid1 + e, Raid1 extended so as a. Engineers quickly analyze the data combination rules.

The third step, re-analysis of the data if the data is a key step toward, then re-data is the core technology. Escort times with independent intellectual property "frigate" Raid data re software, data can be reorganized any one of the Raid. Some data recovery companies Whenever an algorithm is more complex raid, with the market of data recovery software can not do it, is deemed irreparable. It is simply not professional skills, with second-rate or foreign cracked version free data recovery software to restore the high-end raid failure, can only take a chance, there is no theoretical and technical support. "Frigate" raid recovery technology, which in theory can prove fault is incorrigible, and which can not be saved.

Problems encountered in practice:

Accidents will happen, people have good and bad fortune overnight. In the data recovery process, the data have not demonstrated before in your eyes, you must not say OK, because there are more uncertainties in the head. Originally thought that the first group of raid failure re very well, did not expect this 14 plate with a plate identification is not normal, and we are missing data in this block of plate reorganization, combination did not expect to find a 70GB disk, when a large number of physical bad Road, we can terminate the program. When they find raid5 in two and two or more physical disk failure occurs, data recovery to the person's mood at this stage is the most depressing and uncomfortable. But the rule of thumb, we decided to have bad sectors on the hard drive alone to be a mirror, and then re-image file. It is not, can only repair a disk does not recognize the piece. Finally overcome all difficulties and successfully recovered all the data.


In the high-end storage device fails, the first thought is the importance of data, in fact, this is a sense of thinking and backup. If the data is very important, we recommend not to make any exaggerated faulty equipment operation (refer to Rebuild, initialization, synchronization of data, to redistribute the raid, etc.), these operations are more fatal, is irreversible. To seek a professional data recovery company, to provide you with a reasonable recovery plan, you can rest assured that your hard drive to send the operating table. Those non-professional company, if asked to provide the array card or server to do recovery, you should consider its technical reliability.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

CNNIC proposes to amend the terms of promoting open to individuals, CN domain name registration

January 18 news media reports, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has been registered domain name of the drafting of individual open programs, and promote the "Domain Name Registration Regulations" relevant provisions be amended. New policies and regulations, if implemented, would mean that CN domain name will be the first time officially allowed individuals to apply for registration.

On December 11 last year, CNNIC issued the "domain name registration information on further strengthening the audit notice." The announcement was interpreted as the outside world to stop individual CNNIC CN domain names registered. Since then even once rumored to "not as a personal domain name registrant, expired domain name resolution will be suspended."

Lin Qi, assistant director of CNNIC said that if the CN domain name registration prohibit individuals, may lead to the registered user chooses to go abroad, or the name of the company was forced to falsely fill out false information. But as soon as possible to allow individual users to register CN domain names to users and Web sites remain in the country, not rushed abroad.

Industry insiders said that if individuals register domain names open the program and the revised "Regulations domain name registration," to be implemented, that means that CN domain names will be the first time officially allowed individuals to apply for registration.

Last Friday, CNNIC issued a "registered domain name information on doing the work of the circular check", which briefly sets out the work of individual domain name holders should verify the information submitted in evidence. Yet it is this is just a word request, to confirm the individual holders of the legitimacy of the old CN domain name, the release of the CNNIC is "relaxed" personal information management, domain name registration.

While this does not mean that CN domain names will be re-registered individuals to accept, but on the CN domain name holder for the individual is still a tonic.

PS: "On doing the work of registered domain information check the notice," the full text:

Good information on the reconciliation of the registered domain name notices

The domain user, domain name registration services:

According to "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Regulation on mobile phone pornography further special action program of work" (Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications 銆?009銆?672 鍙? documentation requirements, since January 2010 "strict implementation of domain name registration applicant shall submit a true, accurate and complete domain name registration information provision ", China Internet Network Information Center has requested the domain name registration services active CN domain name registration information reconciliation. In order to better carry out the work, protection of the public due to carry out the legitimate interests of Internet applications, the center circular are as follows:

First, the domain name registration information is true and accurate and complete significance. The requirement is that international practice is legitimate domain name holders of domain name holders of statutory obligations. Domain name registration information is true, accurate and complete information to combat spread of obscene vulgar, spam, phishing and other illegal or unhealthy behaviors important means of application. Meanwhile, domain name registration information as a domain to transfer, the right to change information on credentials, but also the legitimate rights and interests of domain name holders are protected and important basis for the premise. Therefore, the domain users and domain name registration services should be high priority and to ensure that holders of domain name registration information is true, accurate and complete.

Second, the evidence to submit the requested information. For the December 14, 2009 before the implementation of a written examination of the domain name registration, domain name holder should be January 31, 2010 before the domain name registration services to their submitted information to demonstrate that materials do a good job with the domain name registration service domain name registration information of reconciliation. Domain name holder for the corporate body shall be submitted to the organization code certificate (copy or scan documents), the registered contact ID card (copy or scanned copy), valid contact information (telephone, e-mail, address, etc.) . Domain name holder for the person or unincorporated organization, shall submit registration contact ID card (copy or scanned copy), valid contact information (telephone, e-mail, address, etc.).

Third, the information submitted by way of evidence. The domain name registration services should be combined with the actual situation, for the domain users, including online submission or mail delivery and other convenient ways to facilitate the domain name user submissions.

Fourth, the information verified. The domain name registration services that the material response to the information authenticity, accuracy, completeness, be reviewed carefully. Such as material failure, it shall promptly notify the user to be added.

Fifth, the legitimate use of domain names. Domain using the domain name holder should abide by relevant laws, administrative rules and regulations. The general public can continue through the following domain name on the application of bad handling of complaints to the CNNIC Domain Centre national report:

7 脳 24-hour telephone :010-58813000


Fax :010-58812666


China Internet Network Information Center

January 14, 2010


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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photoshop retouching images (9) to remove the object

Remove object

Using Adobe Photoshop you can remove a photo from the unwanted object. You can use the rubber stamp tool to wipe unwanted objects or areas you do not need coverage. Now we come to remove the image near the center of a boat, and colored water waves.

1. Select zoom tool (zoom tool); and then click the boat to enlarge image that part of the region.
2. Select File> Preferences> Display & Cursors. In the Painting Cursors box, click the Brush Size, and then click OK OK.
3. Double-click the rubber stamp tool in the toolbox (), to ensure that the rubber stamp options palette Aligned option is not selected.
4. The rubber stamp tool to gather in large Gondola and its surface on the right post, then hold down the Alt key and click to sample or copy that part of the image. Make sure you want to sample the region you want to remove the object with a good mixing environment.

Click to drag the image to spray the image sampling

5. Drag the rubber stamp tool and sample the wave with the image we just copied and spraying the boat. When you spray, please pay attention to follow the cursor crosshairs, which represents the rubber stamp tool to copy the center of the time.
6. Double-click the hand tool in the toolbox to place a good image on the screen.
7. Select File> Save, save the file.

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